Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thing 5 - Flickr

My Flickr name is amber.mulnix. I'm struggling a little bit with Flickr but am sure the more that I am on it will get a bit easier for me to navigate. I was able to upload some pictures, add a slideshow to my blog... I haven't figured out how to only add certain pictures... I seem to be getting all of the pics that were uploaded in my slideshow. I also played a bit with picnik. The pic that I posted is of my niece Karly. She wanted me to take a picture of her with Blake's bird Tango sitting on her shoulder.

I've checked out the Flickr blog, mapped one of my photos to my hometown, but haven't been able to locate the 'story in five frames'. Can someone help me out here?

I used Flickr once in the past but didn't do much. I think I only posted a couple of pictures. I have pictures scattered everywhere. I've used Walmart, Walgreen's, snapfish, and many others. I really want to get my digital pics organized and all in one place. This shall be one of my goals for 2010... get all of my pictures in one place!! I think online photo sharing is great. It's much easier than printing or even emailing photos to the people you want to share them with

Still need to check out BigHugeLabs.

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