Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thing 4

90% of online community users are lurkers (read or observe without contributing) with only 9% of users contributing ‘a little’ and 1% actively contributing.

Why do you think commenting is important in online communities? I think bloggers wonder if people are reading their blog. They want to know. I follow a couple of blogs, don't know the person blogging, but thought what they were blogging was interesting and decided to save to my favorites list. Maybe someday I'll get the courage to comment.

What might this mean for students who share their writing online? Students that share their writing online may be able to gain valuable feedback and encouragement. Sharing with an online community, they may meet others who are interested in the same.

Write something about who you're following and the tags you've used. The people who I am following are those I work closely with. I haven't checked out all of the blogs yet but will get to them eventually. As far as tags go, whatever I key thing that I write about is usually the tag I give.

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