Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 11 - The RIGHT Doctors

How many times have you had a dr look at your MRI and ask you why you are in the office today?  Fortunately, it has only happened to us one time.  He proceeded to tell us that all of the lab work was normal too.  I was like... REALLY...  are you kidding me???!!!  Obviously, he still had a lot to learn.  I could have looked at the scan and told you that there was obviously something there.   

Dr. G came in the room next and pulled up the picture of Hunter's MRI and showed us exactly where the regrowth of tumor was and that doing a 2nd transphenoidal surgery was the best option.  Before we left the office that day Hunter had his 2nd surgery scheduled...  Dr. P said she would not put him through another surgery again...  we would need to look at other options.  I pray to GOD everyday that that day doesn't come.

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