Saturday, July 10, 2010

Thing 7 - Social Bookmarking

ambermulnix is my Delicious account name and I imported all of my bookmarks that I had on my computer. I think this is much better to have all of my favorites here just in case my computer would crash. I'd be lost if I had to start all over with my Favorites! Also, I am taking the time to cleanup my favorites. There are many that I know that will probably get DELETED.

Do you see this as a useful tool? I definately think this is useful. I spend so much time looking for a good site on the web... now I'll look here first and see if someone already found the good stuff and I won't have to waste time looking myself!Would you actually use this? I can see myself using a lot.

Before this excercise I didn't even know or had ever heard of Social Bookmarking. So glad that I decided to do the 13 Things @Coe this summer!

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